EW District Training Day Registration & Class Descriptions

EWD Training Day & District Conference

November 9th@ Clarkston UMC  6600 Waldon Road, Clarkston, MI

Registration: 9:30 AM

10:00 AM Training Session One

11:15 AM Training Session Two

12:15 PM Lunch

1:15 Worship, Commissioning of Lay Servants, and East Winds District Annual Conference


This will be a day filled with Leadership Training, a Bang-Up Luncheon and our  EW District Conference.
Key Note Speakers:

      • Michael Mather (author of Having Nothing, Possessing Everything)
      • De’Amon Harges 

Ministry Fair: there will be many different ministries available at this event. Asbury Community Development Center, Blue Water Ministry Center, Early Response Training, Flint Recovery, Engage, Lay Servants, South Flint Soup Kitchen, UM Camping, UMM, UMW and Youth Mission Opportunities

Cokesbury: Please plan to visit the book/resource display the Michael Morley will have set up throughout the day.

DAYCARE:       Daycare is available!      NO CHARGE  –  but registration MUST be received by NOVEMBER 1ST.                    Add child(ren’s) names and ages to registration forms.  Please bring a packed lunch and snacks for your child.



Morning Training Sessions & Descriptions:


  1. Mission as if the Gospel Is True–Rev. Michael Mather and De’Amon Harges   Our God is a God of abundance. How do we reflect that in the practical mission of our congregation? This workshop will invite you to think about practices that will cultivate God’s abundance in the lives of the people we have often thought of as serving.


  1. Staff/Pastor-Parish Relations Committee–Rev. John Hice, East Winds District Superintendent ~ Your pastors and staff members need your help. They need your wisdom, your creativity, and your partnership as you support them, challenge them, problem-solve with them, and serve as their advocates and champions in the congregation. Come to this workshop to learn and discuss what it takes to create a covenant and cultivate fruitful leadership in the church.
  2. Benefits are Not Boring–Rev Donald Emmert, Director of Conference Benefits & Human Resources – Target audience: Finance, Clergy, SPRC. When topics such as health insurance and pensions are raised, a spirited time is always guaranteed. We will address our shared ministry through the MI Conference Benefits Programs (health care, retirement and welfare plans), and how they are funded. As a bonus, we may even tackle a document or two in a special “Fun with Forms” segment.


  1. Church Communications and Social Media–Becki Brice, Armada UMC’s Administrative Assistant will share how to utilize (free) online resources to create newsletters, websites, graphics, and social media to get your church’s message out to the world.


  1. Creating Ministries for the Youth and Children in Your Church and Community–Rev. Christy M. White (Miller-Black), East Winds District Coordinator of Discipleship Formation and Flint Court Street UMC Minister of Christian Education The children and youth in your community may not know what a gem your congregation is because you are hiding all your beauty within the walls of your church. We will work together to discover the strengths of your congregation and how to translate those assets into programming that you can take outside the walls of your church building to engage and enrich your community. This session will also include a short segment on the basics of keeping children and youth safe in your church and how begin creating ministries for persons with special needs and those dealing with trauma so you are prepared for and welcoming to any new children and youth who wish to join your congregation.


  1. Cultural Vibrancy as a Discipleship Pathway–Brittney Stephan, Associate Director of Multicultural Vibrancy Culture shapes our values, actions, and organizations. We are all impacted by societal “norms” and expectations in different ways. In order to provide equitable education in our ministry settings, we must assess our own cultural awareness and gain proficiency in understanding and appreciating the dynamics of difference. Come learn more about cultural vibrancy as a discipleship pathway to foster communities of learning.


  1. Discovering and Developing Your Niche’—Rev. John Ball, Lake Orion It comes with no surprise that the relationship between the organized church and their communities has rapidly changed.   We are long past those days when faith communities could open their doors, create healthy systems of invitation and in turn experience substantial growth. There is the growing reservation of those who are unchurched and de-churched to engage in a faith community at all.   The opportunity is for churches to rediscover what it means to become a part of the fabric of the life of our local communities while developing ministries that collaborate and engage the given community.


  1. Finding and Leading God’s VISION!–Rev. Gary Step, Associate Director of Congregational Vibrancy, During our time together I will discuss how a church can enter the Roads to Vibrancy through the creation and implementation of a Visionary Plan. The foundation of this vision framing process is based on the principles outlined in the books, Church Unique and God Dreams by Will Mancini. I will be presenting an overview of this process and how churches can engage in it. Once this year long process is completed the church will have actionable plans for articulating, planning, and integrating vision into the culture.


  1. Life After Loss – Providing Spiritual and Emotional Care for Those Who Are Grieving–Dr. Lisa McIlvenna Dealing with the death of a loved one can be among life’s most difficult and stressful experiences.  While everyone grieves differently, all experience a range of emotions that are important in healing.  Because these emotions are sometimes frightening, embarrassing, or are not always accepted by others, many choose to grieve privately and alone.  Yet, research shows that those who give time and honest expression to their grief in community with others who care, listen, and understand, often are able to move through the grief in ways that bring greater healing and wholeness. This workshop will provide pastors and laity general information about and resources to help care for persons who are moving through loss in their lives. 


  1. Lay Leader and Lay Member to Annual Conference–James Dover, Bethel UMC In The United Methodist Church the lay leader refers to the principal layperson in a local church The relationship between you and the pastor(s) of your church is tremendously important and must be mutually supportive. Become a partner in ministry with your pastor by praying, sharing, and working together.   The role of the Lay Member to Annual Conference informs the congregation about The United Methodist Church in the conference and around the world. This person attends annual conference sessions as a member from the congregation and interprets the actions to the congregation. Join together as we discuss this essential role and its responsibilities.


  1. Town and Country Ministries–Who We Are and How We Can Help–Rev. Trevor Herm, Romeo; Rev. Betty Kay Leitelt, Otisville, Fostoria, West Deerfield; Rev. Penny Nunn, Snover; and Rev. Susan Youmans, Lexington will discuss the definition of Town and Country Ministry, the joys and challenges involved in this type of ministry, how to work together, what help is available, and will offer handouts.


  1. Treasurers/Finance–David Dobbs, Conference Treasurer/ Director of Administrative Services and Linda Squires, EW District Treasurer This class is focused on sharing what is new in Treasury. We will focus on Ministry Shares, Statistics and Year-End Reports. An “Ask The Treasurer” segment will be included.


  1. Trustees—Bob Wyatt, Clarkston UMC Trustees serve an essential leadership role in United Methodist churches. We will discuss the role of the trustee, including the UMC Trustee job description, information about the Board of Trustees from the Book of Discipline, how to manage the resources of the congregation, the church safety self-inspection form, and other needed legal requirements to be effective stewards of property God has entrusted to the congregation.


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