EWD Listening Session PowerPoint Slides

Dear East Winds District members,

Thanks to so many of you for your involvement in “Helps to Navigate Through the Storm” East Winds District information sessions held on May 15 and May 22. I am so grateful for Rev. Jeremy Peters, Bonnie Potter, Rev. Aaron Kesson, and Rev. Greg Timmons who joined me to comprise the panel. Also, thank you to the leaders and technicians at Swartz Creek, Clarkston, and Port Huron: First UMCs. Your hospitality was gracious and your skill in technical systems were perfect. Your care at this time of denominational ferment helped to make these sessions holy moments for needed learning and fellowship.


Several have asked that we make available the PowerPoint slides which were projected during the events.
Below is a link to download the presentation as a PDF.


I continue to pray for you as your congregations discern your direction in ministry. As was lifted up by participants and panelists during the sessions: this is a time that we do not lose heart or focus in our ministry. Through it all, there are people to love and a Gospel to proclaim; and these, always, are our “main event.”

Be well in Christ,
Rev. John H. Hice
East Winds District Superintendent


East Winds Information Session.PowerPoint.05.15.22