Required Forms & Directions

As the East Winds Office is Virtual, we ask that ALL forms be submitted as individual forms in PDF Form via email to either Jodi Fuller [email protected] or Eva Jankowske [email protected]

 A reminder to NOT use previous years forms! Forms are changed or updated annually by the Michigan Conference. Use current published forms ONLY!


SPPRC FORMS – due in PDF Format via email 2 WEEKS prior to scheduled SPPRC Meeting. EMAIL FORMS TO Jodi Fuller [email protected] or Eva Jankowske [email protected]

      • SPPRC Evaluation of Clergy/Deacon, (or 1st yr Review Form for new appointments)
      • SPPRC-Clergy/Deacon Joint Dialogue
      • Profile of the Church(s) (DS uses it to discuss status of church ministries include Parsonage inspection date findings, (if applicable) Ad Board or SPRC prepares form.
      • List of Names of current SPPRC Committee Members (elected at 2022 CC, includes current 2022 SPPRC chair, members, Lay Leader and Lay Member to Annual Conference)
      • 2024 Pastoral Compensation Recommendation (include the following forms if applicable: Housing Allowance, Furnishings Allowance, Accountable Reimbursement Form)
      • Appointment Advisory Form (only if requested by clergy/spprc)


CHARGE CONFERENCE FORMS – due in PDF Format via email 2 WEEKS prior to scheduled Charge Conference. EMAIL FORMS TO Jodi Fuller [email protected] or Eva Jankowske [email protected]

      • Parsonage Information Report (only needed if new pastoral change, if it is sold, or has had changes in past 5 years)
      • Business of the Church Form
      • 2023 Nominations Listing *Please note if your church is using Simplified Accountability System there is a separate form



The “Church Conference Packet” is for the D.S./Elder to use at your Church Conference.

This packet has the form/report(s) in it and should be bound/stapled and handed out to your congregation and elder leading your business meeting.

Please scan your booklet as a pdf and email to Jodi Fuller so Rev Crawford can review the packets prior to CCs.


MUST BE INCLUDED in the Charge Conference Packets

 * Indicates an item that requires church conference to be mentioned in the minutes

      • 2023 Agenda
      • 2022 C.C. Conference Minutes*
      • State of the Church (Pastor Report)
      • Nominations/Lay Leadership Report*
      • Membership Audit Report* (1st & 2nd year membership care list)
      • Lay Servants* (NAMES ONLY) (original forms are to be sent to Kristen LePalm or Becki Brice )
      • Candidates for Ministry* (Names & Contact information)
      • Profile of the Church
      • Report of the Trustees
      • Finance Committee Report


CAN BE INCLUDED in the C.C. Packets

      • Committee Reports (for packet only, not to be read at conference)
      • Budget (for informational purposes only)
      • Fund Balance Report (2022 Report) (2023 report is due after the fiscal year. A copy needs to be emailed to the district office by May 1, 2024)


DO NOT INCLUDE in the C.C. Packets

      • 2023 Pastoral Compensation & Allowance Forms
      • Pastor Evaluations (Clergy Self, SPPRC & Joint Dialog)
      • Church Leadership Contact Information (this information needs to be input online in the Brick River database). If you need information or help, please go to or contact Pamela Stewart at [email protected]
      • Lay Servant Annual Reports (these reports need to be signed by Pastor & SPPRC Chair, then mailed to Kristen LePalm or Becki Brice)
East Winds District